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Adobe Lightroom 6 the last

full version of Lightroom.


Died-in-the-wool Lightroom fans had to wait a relatively long time for the current version of Adobe Lightroom 6. It came out in April 2015, replacing its predecessor from 2013. The new version of the image editing and management program was initially available in two different purchase and usage options. The full version for purchase or available as an update for existing users continued to be assigned serial numbers and has since been available as Lightroom 6, or LR 6 for short. The Creative Cloud (CC) has additionally been on offer as a subscription model since this time.

With Lightroom 6, a few shortcomings of the previous models were remedied and new tools added. The whole program was generally improved, new tools were added to optimize images, a new filter application was incorporated for editing pictorial material – the feature of LR 6 that probably facilitates work the most – and there are a few new features relating to management and presentation of photos.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom 6 and free Lightroom Preset Rizzle Dizzle

Better performance

Lightroom 5 had already speeded up image editing. It was accelerated even more by LR 6 as the photos’ large data volumes place high demands on soft- and hardware. But according to user comments in forums, large images with a resolution of more than 20 megapixels still cause problems, which is not a rare occurrence with high-end cameras with up to 50 megapixels.

High Dynamic Range and panorama images

A new feature of LR 6 was the so-called HDR function. An abbreviation for High Dynamic Range, HDR denotes images with a very high contrast range. To produce this range, the program enables users to create one photograph from three or more photos in an exposure series by means of a simple mask. As a result, the photos obtain enhanced color depth and luminosity dynamics that are more familiar to the human eye. The data are stored as DNG raw file formats, and so they can be opened easily and without losses in other Adobe programs and can be further processed.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom 6 and new Preset Collection BOTOX

The new panorama feature automatically puts pictures next to one another to create a wide panorama image – both horizontal and vertical panoramas are possible. Depending on the raw image material, the program selects automatically or you can manually select Spherical, Cylindrical, or Perspective. Undesired areas of transparency are removed automatically. Unfortunately, the Boundary Warp feature only exists in the CC version. LR 6 users only have the possibility of trimming the entire panorama image.

New filter applications

The radial and graduated filter application was expanded in the current version of Lightroom. By means of a simple mask and an easy-to-use brush, filter settings can now also be added for parts of images or can be removed by simply brushing over them. As a result, editing can be done much faster than was possible with the previous mask work steps, say, with Photoshop.

Archiving and presentation

Photographers who work often with people, whether taking portraits or wedding photographs, particularly benefit from the facial recognition feature enable the user to look for specific people. With Lightroom 6, portrait photos can be assigned a name. Then you can automatically search the picture archive for a particular person. This search can take a fairly long time, however, depending on how big the archive is. Still, the function is much more comfortable than a manual search.

LR 6 also offers advanced image presentation features for slide shows or web galleries. In a slide show, photos or videos can be presented professionally and in an individualized way with music and effects such as pan or zoom. The new web gallery features offer users another possibility of publishing their works. Via HTML-compatible templates, galleries can be created quickly and easily.

Starting in April 2015, various optimizations and additions were available for the Lightroom CC version. 


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Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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