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Adobe Photoshop an all-around image

editing program for all needs.


The industry giant Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop) has become indispensable for digital photographers. Not only professionals but also many hobby photographers use the software to correct minor image errors or even to create new photo art. When it comes to image editing and prepress, the software is the market leader with some ten million users worldwide. But is the price of around 120 Dollar a year per workstation worth it for photographers, or is a less expensive and simpler image-editing program such as Photoshop Elements, which costs a one-time sum of $99.99, sufficient?

The program developed by the U.S. software company Adobe Systems is a component of the manufacturer’s Creative Cloud, a collection of design and graphics applications for all creative people, not just photographers but also video professionals and print and web designers. And the software is correspondingly comprehensive. Of all of the image editing programs, Photoshop has the most functions and the highest performance, making it the standard in the industry. It is no accident that the term to “photo shop,” and not “retouching,” has become synonymous with computer-assisted image manipulation, and not just among photographers. Although it takes a while to learn how to use the huge range of features and tools, the software offers ambitious photographers a true all-around care package that includes interfaces to prepress and video works.

Image edited with Adobe Photoshop and new Lightroom Preset Collection Singular

Starting with editing of RAW files and extending to automatic white balance and manual lens corrections, photographers find many tools geared specifically to their needs. The programs include adjustment layers for contrast, color saturation, and gradation curves, as well as high-definition and noise filters to remove scratches and spots. Furthermore, countless gimmicks such as brush strokes and distortion filters delight hobby photographers and demanding art photographers alike.

Since 2014, Adobe has offered Photoshop and other applications for desktop and mobile devices in the Creative Cloud, which is a kind of subscription system for work programs. For a self-determined time period, the user rents software and puts together an online package consisting of different components. Photoshop CC is subsequently installed locally on one computer, though the programs can be used on two different computers. The program does not need a continuous Internet connection for the workflow, automatically stays in touch with the manufacturer Adobe, which provides 20 GB of Cloud storage and the user’s own portfolio website. If you are not sure whether it is something for you, you can try out all of the programs in a free test phase. The test versions can be downloaded via the following link:

Image edited with Adobe Photoshop and new Lightroom Preset Collection Avedon

While in its infancy it was offered as a pure graphics program only for the operating system Mac OS, the software has long also been compatible with Microsoft Windows. For the current CC version 2019 the Mac OS Sierra version or higher is needed, and Windows 10 or higher. The new Photoshop features in the version are even of interest to digital photographers. In addition to the aforementioned presentation of works with Adobe Portfolio, there is a separate work area for selection and masking, improved libraries, as well as  Face-Aware Liquify for retouching portraits. In addition, the integration of Adobe Stock was reworked, and now elements can be opened in Photoshop directly via the Adobe Stock website, and images with watermarks can be licensed more easily than ever before. Work with fonts has also been facilitated by a software revision that even recognizes text lines in the photo and determines an appropriate font.

So if you’re wondering whether Photoshop is a suitable program, you will be bowled over by the impressive performance of the software. And if you are wondering whether a clearly reduced application is sufficient, it is now easier for photographers to make this decision.


The manufacturer Adobe is making single users a sensational offer. It is currently offering its programs Photoshop and Lightroom for desktop applications as a one-year package in the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $9.99 a month. Who can say no to that?

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Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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