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Adobe ID easy management and full

usage of products.


An Adobe ID is a free personalized user account that enables customers to fully use Adobe products they acquire as well as other offers. The login consists of the user name – the user’s email address – and a password of the user’s choosing. In the member area, products can be purchased, updates and test versions downloaded, special tutorials watched, and acquired programs registered. When an Adobe ID is registered, the user has access to all Adobe services and web domains, including, Adobe TV, online communities and the online store. In addition, the user can obtain support and participate in forums and events.

Adobe registration makes it easier for the user to buy products sold in the store, as the user’s data automatically appears in the order form. Also, via personal identification all of the products that have been acquired and registered by the customer are listed and can be clearly assigned to the member via the serial number. In the event of a hard drive crash, it serves as proof of purchased software, which can then be reinstalled. Another important advantage of registering products with an Adobe ID: support staff can be contacted if the member has technical questions or problems. This service is offered only with registered products. Normally, the customer enters his or her ID when purchasing or registering a product. While this registration used to be voluntary, starting with the Creative Suite 6 version it became mandatory for every license holder. If the person does not enter his or her Adobe ID, the software loses its functionality after seven days.

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If a personalized ID is not generated automatically when you buy an Adobe product, you can create one at The user chooses the option “Create Adobe ID” and after entering his or her surname, first name, address, and email address is led through the registration process. In the course of registration, the customer has the opportunity to be directly informed about campaigns, innovations, and special product offers. After finishing and sending off the registration form, a confirmation link is sent to the user’s email address which has to be opened within 72 hours. Once the link is opened, registration is completed and Adobe Login is activated. In the member area, now all products can be managed easily, test versions of different programs downloaded, Adobe web areas fully used, support contacted, and other offers tried out.

Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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