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Adobe is creating new tools and

strengthening the community.


The U.S. software provider Adobe (Adobe Inc.) is the market leader in document processing and software solutions in the creative and publishing sector. Probably its most well-known file format is Adobe PDF, which has become an indispensable tool in the digital age. It enables documents and presentations to be exchanged regardless of the hardware or operating system used. With Adobe Creative Cloud, the web-based further development of Creative Suite, the company virtually has a monopoly in professional design, web design, photography, audio and video, and publishing.

Adobe Systems Incorporated was established in 1982 in Delaware. One of its founders, John Warnock, had previously worked for Xerox, where he developed the predecessor to the page description language PostScript. At the time, however, the potential of PostScript was not recognized yet. Along with Charles Geschke, Warnock subsequently launched Adobe, named after a river behind his private house. In 2015, the company achieved sales of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars and had around 14,000 employees.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom and free Lightroom Preset Luc Besson

In the creative sector, there is virtually no alternative to the product range of Adobe Creative Cloud. In 2013, the web-based subscription service stopped releasing Creative Suite products, replacing them with a so-called software as a service offer. Anyone who has created an Adobe ID now has access to the entire offer. In the subscriptions for individuals or teams, the current version of all of the products is always available and can be downloaded with all additional tools, updates, and libraries. But since the programs are installed on your PC or Mac, you can continue to work with them offline. However, every 30 days at the latest with individual usage, and every 60 days with team usage, the validity of the subscription is checked via the Adobe ID. Thanks to the Cloud variant, exchange with other users is possible and additional services such as Adobe Exchange are provided. Numerous and mostly free add-ons, scripts, and extensions are offered by Adobe itself or by the community. Among professional photographers, the raster graphics editor Photoshop with the plug-in Adobe Camera Raw is particularly well known. The further development Adobe Lightroom now brings together processing and organization of raw data from high-resolution digital cameras in a separate software.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom and Wedding Lightroom Preset I DO Collection

The portfolio is continually advanced and enhanced. Not only are the existing programs optimized on a regular basis, but the community independently develops new tools according to individual needs, for example the color portal Kuler. The creative platform Behance ProSite enables people to publish their own work. In addition, Adobe is open to new market segments and recently entered the e-book market with Adobe Digital Editions, to name just one of many examples. The giant keeps on growing and so do the possibilities and the community.

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Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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