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Lightroom Download different ways of

acquiring and downloading Lightroom.


If you want to professionally edit and manage your images using Adobe Lightroom, you have various possibilities. Lightroom is currently available on the market in different versions and packages. While Lightroom 6 is a full standalone version that can't be purchased anymore, Lightroom CC is a Creative Cloud variant available in different subscription packages tailored to different target groups, for example the Creative Cloud Photography plan. Below you will find the variants that can be downloaded for installation or online usage.

Download Lightroom in the Creative Cloud subscription

The most complete and comprehensive Creative Cloud plan includes all of the image editing, video, and layout programs needed by creative people, among them graphic designers, photographers, layout artists, image editors, video artists, and editors. The complete package is available for US$ 52.99 a month. Including access to the Adobe Stock image database with the right to use ten images a month, the monthly price is US$ 82.98 a month. A subscription to the package can be purchased via the following link:

The complete Creative Cloud plan encompasses 20 programs, including Photoshop for image editing, Lightroom for photo processing, illustrator to create and edit vector graphics and illustrations, and Indesign for layout purposes, to name only the most well-known programs. For document editing, the package contains Acrobat Pro DC, and Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Animate are provided for creating videos and animation. Diverse programs for editing Web content as well as audio and text files complete the extremely comprehensive program.

Here most of the programs – including Lightroom CC – can be downloaded initially as test versions and tried out.

Image edited with Lightroom and our limited Lightroom Preset Mezzanine

Download Lightroom with the Creative Cloud Photography plan 

Only very few photographers really need the complete Adobe Creative Cloud range. On the Adobe site Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

a small partial plan geared to the needs of photographers can be purchased for US$ 9.99 a month. The plan contains both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC as desktop versions and is supplemented by a growing number of apps and services. A free test version is available here too.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom and limited Lightroom Preset Chicago

Download Lightroom CC as a single program 

Those who want to quickly use only Lightroom CC as a single program and have no interest in the packagers offered can do so initially with a Lightroom plan for US$ 9.99 a month including 1TB cloud photo storage. 

Downloading Lightroom

Regardless of the version you ultimately opt for, the Lightroom downloading process is basically always the same. The first step is always to sign in with your personal Adobe ID. If you have already subscribed to a plan, you can download and install Lightroom CC free of charge in the catalog of Adobe desktop applications.

Of course you can try before you subscribe to a plan. Adobe offers a 7 day free trial for most of its Apps and plans. Select yours >>

Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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