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Adobe Portfolio a Homepage

Construction Kit for Creatives.


Adobe Portfolio is a website builder geared to creative people. With the new platform the manufacturer has closed a gap in its offer. Starting immediately, subscribers can present their projects themselves with the required tools. Until now, the creative group has left the field of website construction kits to other providers, recently in cooperation with the creative network Behance. On the Behance Prosite, Creative Cloud users could create a profile. On the homepage, there is now a note that Prosite will not be continued. Adobe is abandoning the site in favor of its own service Adobe Portfolio – or Pf for short. Users who have already created a profile on Behance can simply import their Internet presence to Adobe Portfolio. Those who want to recreate their homepage can do it themselves without any special previous knowledge of a programming language and without outside help. In this respect, Adobe Portfolio does not differ much from other providers.

All you have to do is register with your email address and password and you can begin. First, you can choose from various basic layouts. The layout creates the basis for the later web presence, but can be exchanged at any time during editing. The basic layouts provided in Adobe Portfolio differ in terms of the background, the size and number of fields for graphics and text, the arrangement of the areas, and the kind of navigation. All of these parameters can be changed, shown and hidden, and adapted to the requirements of the user’s projects intuitively and individually. To this end, the user has access to a large selection of high-quality web fonts via Typekit. All changes can be seen immediately on the screen. To check the display, the website can be called up as a preview on every desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If the result is perfect, then the profile goes online.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom and Lookfilter's Anomaly Set

The following two features will be particularly of interest to photographers. By deactivating the right-click function, you can protect your images against misuse. In addition, graphics and photos can be shown in a Lightbox presentation. The Adobe Portfolio website construction kit was developed expressly for graphic artistic content, in order to present art, illustrations, photography, graphic design, fashion, architecture, motion graphics, and web design appropriately. The layouts are predestined for large-format images and content. Furthermore, entered projects automatically reach the world’s biggest creative network via the synchronization between Adobe Portfolio and Behance. With the consent of the provider, you can even use your own domain name.

Image edited with Adobe Lightroom and free Lightroom Preset Blood Brothers

The costs for a presence on Adobe Portfolio vary depending on the starting situation and the scope. Including the Adobe services Typekit, Photoshop, and Lightroom, usage costs $9.99 a month. Including the entire collection of Adobe apps, it costs $49.99. Compared to other providers, the “basic version” of Adobe Portfolio is in the middle range, and the full version is relatively high priced, but the Adobe gimmicks for image editing and presentation are naturally of great value. For Creative Cloud subscribers, the new service including everything is free and is definitely worth getting. Cloud users also benefit from the possibility of integrating content directly from the Cloud rather than downloading it.

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Date published Oct. 10, 2019


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